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Re: Online Indian Music Sources (was Terje Rypdal)

That could be dangerously expensive information-:)

At 11:10 AM -0500 10/31/02, Cino wrote:
>Hans wrote:
>>  I pretty much buy any Indian classical or devotional vinyl I can lay my
>>  mitts on (which isn't much, around here).
>Here are some online Indian music distributors:
>www.raga.com/  (independent label, also offers some free full-length mp3
>http://makar-records.com/ (independent label)
>I've dealt with all of these sources and have found them all to be 
>They are all able to find just about any in-print recording that you might
>want.  The exceptions are Raga Records (www.raga.com) and Makar Records 
>distribute only their own releases.  These two independent labels are both
>truly labors of love (labels of love?) by some extremely dedicated
>aficionados of Indian classical music.  Raga Records specializes in
>releasing concert and archival recordings by some great masters,
>particularly the sitarist Pandit Nikhil Banerjee.  Makar Records focuses 
>releasing excellent quality recordings by artists who are not necessarily
>well-known outside of India.  Makar also specializes in releasing a very
>thorough representation of musicians from the various gharanas ("schools"
>[or localized styles] of music) of North India, as well as different 
>of South Indian classical music.
>>  I don't know much about Indian music, other than that I like it.
>I'm sure you'll very much enjoy raga "Hans-adhwani"  ;-)


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