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RE: Terje Rypdal

I pretty much buy any Indian classical or devotional vinyl I can lay my 
mitts on (which isn't much, around here).  I'm not partial to any artists 
in particular, although I do prefer evening and night-time ragas, since 
they tend to be more mellow.  I don't know much about Indian music, other 
than that I like it.

They used to have a great weekly show on the local Cal Poly radio station 
on Sunday nights, and that's where I first discovered Indian classical 
music.  In retrospect, it seems odd that I never remember hearing it while 
I lived in Saudi Arabia, given the large population of expatriate Indians 

I just recently finished an album of a friend's family performing Sikh 
spirituals - that's some cool stuff.  I'd love to remix it, but his father 
says he'll have to kill me if I do.  This friend has introduced me to some 
nice Indian-flavored electronic dance music by Talvin Singh and Karsh 


At 22:55 29/10/2002, you wrote:
>Bravo.  To whom?
>Did you guys know that Norah Jones (oh God I love her voice) - is Ravi
>Shankar's daughter?
>Shankar's also way cool of course.