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Hey Ted,   I love Terje Rypdal myself too.
I remember a wonderful track he did called 'Better off without her'
years ago, where he played a solo up high on a FENDER 6 bass and then as 
progressed he descended deeper and deeper, hitting notes never heard on
a guitar.    Because he was using distortion and starting high, it sounded
just like a normal guitar solo and was really shocking and exciting as he
kept going lower.

Are you also aware that Lux Aeterna was the name of the fabulous choral
of music by Eastern European avante garde composer Gyorgi Ligeti
used during the 'monolith' scenes in Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey".

A truly great piece of music!!!  So eery and evocative.

warmly yours,  Rick (loop.pool)