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Re: Hi & Introduction

Hi Paul!  Welcome!  (Good intro, BTW.)

> As you may be able to gather from my instrumental leanings, most of the
> input sources will be acoustic, I have found that this is clunky when
> crossing the loop-line or when dropping in a phrase from a 'running'
> I saw some material about not playing across the line but that's 
> with instruments such as didjeridu or anything with a continuous pattern.
> Are there any tips?

Depends on what you're trying to do, but here's something that works for me
(and my didj):
1) Hold the bell end of the didj far away from the mic.
2) Hit RECORD, then start playing the didj.
3) Move the bell end of the didj into your normal playing position by the
4) End the recording by hitting OVERDUB.  That is, go into OVERDUB directly
from record.
5) Move the bell end of the didj away from the mic.

So steps 1-3 fade-in the didj and steps 4,5 fade-out the didj.  Which 
eliminate the clunk or bump at the loop point.

I use an EDP so you may have to modify this some for the DL4, but I think 
will still work.

> Where I come from, a looper is a madman or madwoman...

Yep, I'd say that pretty much covers us!

Dennis Leas