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More FREE MP3s available now.

Hi all,

I just thought I'd "announce" that I've changed the status of some 
of my files at http://www.mp3s.com/tedkillian. It used to be that 
only the first 4 tracks off the "Flux Aeterna" CD were available as 
free MP3 "downloads" with the rest of the tracks available as audio 
streaming files only -- a "sly" ploy to get whatever few folks I could 
to actually go ahead and buy the CDs (if they indeed liked having MP3s 
of the first 4 tracks to begin with) heh, heh, heh. 

Well, I'm down to the last couple dozen CDs in my supply (and the label
must be getting pretty low too by now -- with no plans to reprint). 
I doubt that granting free access to MP3 downloads of the entire 
album will now matter much at this point anyway -- so there they 
are (as if it were any big deal). I'm contemplating putting up a couple 
of "outtake" tracks from the same recording sessions that never 
made it on to the CD sometime in the near future too --for those 
who might be even remotely interested.

Anywho, thanks for listening and paying any attention to this stuff
at all. It's been a barrel of fun. Kind folks have said many nice things
(probably too nice) about the CD that I put out nearly 15 months ago.
Many of those are posted at: http://www.pfmentum.com/flux.htm
I hope (sometime in the not too distant future) to start the whole crazy
process all over again with some brand new material and a new CD -- Lord
knows when that'll be though. Thanks for staying tuned . . . and thanks
even more if you were one of the VERY nice people who actually bought 
a CD (either from the pfMentum website or directly from me at a gig).
Thanks too for the many who traded discs with me over the past year.
It's been a pleasure and an inspiration to hear so much good music.


Ted Killian