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Re: innocent pleasures

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> <<8 track tapes of Ted Nugent (fade out, clunk,
> fade in)... (Do any of you remember how the 8
> track of Pink Floyd's "Animals" had that little
> extra instrumental bit on it that connected the
> closing and opening versions of "Pigs On the
> Wing"? Looping content, kinda...)>>
> I might only be 29, but I remember 8 tracks. We
> still have an 8 track that almost works. In
> addition to the "fade out clunk clunk fade in"
> aspect, they always rearranged the songs so that
> they'd fit on the four programs of the loop
> without anyone being too short. Frequently,
> they'd repeat a song, sometimes playing just the
> first verse and chorus or whatever and then
> fading out.
> And though I never owned Pink Floyd's Animals on
> 8-track, I do know that version of Pigs On The
> Wing you mention. It's been frequently
> bootlegged, and was eventually released
> legitimately on Snowy White's Goldtop compilation
> (that's Snowy playing the guitar solo, he says he
> went to Britannia Row studios, where the band was
> working on the album, to audition for the 2nd
> guitarist/bassist spot on their upcoming tour,
> and Roger Waters said something to the effect of
> "Since you're here, why don't we record
> something").
> I don't remember my first single, but I think my
> first album (or at least the first real
> non-children's record my parents ever bought for
> me) was a cassette copy of Double Platinum by
> Kiss when I was 5. I had this rinky dink toy
> cassette player, I think it was a Bugs Bunny
> cassette player, anyway, I remember sitting in
> the dining room when we got home from Wal Mart,
> and I sat there listening to it for the first
> time. I also remember it was a two cassette set.
> I guess back then, they hadn't figured out how to
> make a double length tape or whatever so that
> they could have the only whole thing on one tape.
> I also remember trying to talk my parents into
> buying me a copy of Boston's Don't Look Back,
> which had probably just come out at the time, and
> I was immediately taken by the cover artwork. I
> think my dad, trying to avoid paying whatever a
> new LP would have cost back then, said somethin
> to the effect of "You won't like that". Ten years
> later, I was able to prove him wrong by buying my
> own copy of it.
> I got turned on to my music by my oldest brother
> when I was little. He used to listen to Kiss,
> Uriah Heep, Peter Frampton, BTO, that sorta
> stuff.
> And I don't care what anyone says, Billy Idol's
> Rebel Yell is a really good record.

No doubts there.  I love Steve Stevens' work!

On the 8-track fade-switch thing, another one that was done up special for
the format was ELP's "Brain Salad Surgery", wherein the random synthesizer
bit at the end of 'Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression pt.1" didn't fade out, but
instead had an extended synth bit right into "pt.2".  I was always
disappointed that they didn't take the opportunity to do that same mix for
the CD, but perhaps their 'new remastered version with bonus tracks" may
offer something...

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