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OT: Internet Radio Streaming

Hi all,

I've just managed to set up a streaming server, so that I can play a 
concert in the UK without having to fork out precious money on air 
tickets etc., and have managed to stream 128kbps stereo MPEG-4 pipe  to 
a single recipient computer. My outgoing bandwidth basically means that 
I only have the facilities to broadcast to one person.

I am looking into the possibility of doing an open online concert, and 
am wondering if any of you know of a server company that will 
re-distribute the broadcast to a number of recipients on demand. 
Live365 I know has since gone pay only... is there another service that 
anyone knows about that might let me use their servers to broadcast an 
hour-long online performance? (perhaps to 50-100 people?)....

If anyone has any suggestions/ideas, then please email me offlist.


- Stuart