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Re: innocent pleasures: was recommended listening/frisell

Some favorite loop-freindly recordings that come to mind would be:

      Bill Frisells 'American Blood/Safety In Numbers'...a project Bill did with Brian Ales and Victor Bruce Godsey that came out on Intuition.  This release features Bills live playing as well as samples and edits from an extended jam.  The entire release is created using the electric guitar and Godseys voice.  Very loop friendly  (-as an aside, I do have Power Tools on vinyl and cd, so I know that it was initially released on compact disc...not sure if it's still available).

      Paul Dreshers 'This Same Temple' on Lovely music.  The piece Liquid and Stellar Music is a great looping showcase.

      Gary Lucas and his release 'Skeleton at the Feast' on Enemy records is also very loop friendly, the album consisting of solo guitar improvs from this total genius (don't recall hearing his name come up much here now that I think about it).

...of course, these would be the first few of hundreds I could probably dig up!  ha ha