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RE: newbie questions


Sounds like that bad sitcom about the inside of the man's head- Fred's head
or something?  Which of course was not around too long because the writing
was really not at all at the level of possibility that it might have been ,
had Gene Roddenberry, et al, been the team to produce the show.  Or if
they'd let me produce it- LOL.

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From: Andre LaFosse [mailto:altruist@earthlink.net]
Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2002 8:22 PM
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Hi Rob,

Rob Wright wrote:

> would somebody kindly give me a short list of the top loopers i should
> listen to. even just a few to start, if possible.

Here are a few people that come to my mind right off the bat, to give
you some scope of the diversity of styles and approaches available.  All
my humble opinion, of course... This is by no means a comphrehensive
list, and I have no idea how many of them actually have loop-centric
sound files on their web sites, either...

David Torn (guitar/computer/kitchen sink):

Matthias Grob (self-invented guitar/electronics, and original inventor
of the Echoplex):

Steve Lawson (fretless bass):

Todd Reynolds (violin):

Amy Neuberg (voice and electronics):

John Whooley (voice, voice and more voice):
http://www.estradasphere.com (search for "Whoolilicious" under "Side

Paul Dresher ("performance art" guitar and composition):

Ted Killian (avant-guitar):

Armatronix (live hardware-based electronica):

Michael Peters (progressive/ambient guitar):

Dreamchild (goth/darkwave):

Tom Heasley (ambient tuba!!!):

Max Valentino (acoustic bass guitar):

Stuart Wyatt (violin):

I'm sure I'm leaving out some important folks, but I'm still getting
over a cold... have pity on me, people.  This isn't counting serious
cats like Rick Walker, Claude Voit, or Bill Walker who don't really have
proper web pages up yet (jeez, guys...)

> i have listened to andre
> lafosse, and love what he is doing.

That's very kind of you!  Thanks for listening.

> second, what are the main hardware devices for doing looping -- other 
> JamMan and Echoplex

Electrix Repeater, Line6 DL4, and Boomerang are the usual suspects, I
think... all very fine and all very, very different in features and "feel."

> -- and are there any decent software equivalents?

"Equivalents" isn't quite the word I'd use, as they all have their own
particular design angles, which don't necessarily cross over with one
another in the hardware OR software realm.  But Ableton Live has been
blowing a lot of people's brains lately, and is both Mac and
PC-compatible, which is not always the case with other software loopers.

Cough, sneeze and hack,

--Andre LaFosse