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Re: FCB 1010--step by step guide

Recently this turned into a MIDI pedal list... sorry, I didnt read 
all posts and dont have such pedal and dont intend to look into its 
manual, but just an impression:

I guess the programming of those pedals can be saved over MIDI, some 
Sysex form, no?
So at least you users could exchange them. There are not that many 
reasonable options, so if some share a reasonable one, most users 
could be satisfied without learning to programm.

then it seems that it would be rather simple to create a little 
editor for the PC that creates such Sysex data so the user can 
program his own configuration graphically on the PC without learning 
the apparently so terrible FCB1010 language.

>I hate to say this, but I think you're both a bit off on this.  
>a pedal for someone might help in the short term, but in the end the 
>will be "stuck" with someone else's ideas about how the pedal should
>operate.  I know it's a pain in the ass, but buckle down and learn it.
>It's not that bad, in the scheme of things.  I've programmed quite a few
>devices in my day, and until you've tried to come up with patches for the
>Yamaha DX7 or make a sequence on a Brother sequencer (yeah, that's right,
>the typewriter company made MIDI sequencers for a while!) you don't know
>hell.  Trust me, what you learn from forcing yourself to program the
>FCB1010 will be helpful in programming any device in the future.  You'll
>learn how to learn decipher manuals and really use gear as it's suited for
>you.  You'll get your money's worth out of the gear and be happier in the
>Trust me, I've gotten rid of units because they were too hard to program 
>operate, and the FCB1010 is not one of them.  Get a good night sleep, put
>away your bong, read the manual and spend a Sunday afternoon figuring it
>out.  I know you can do it!
>Mark Sottilaro
>Henry Heine wrote:
>>  Three cheers and a little dance for this proposal.
>>  Henry
>>  Stuart Wyatt wrote:
>>  > I was chatting with someone off-list about what could be done to help
>>  > new users with the FCB1010. One idea I had was to be able to provide
>>  > downloadable SysEx files with basic layout templates for the
>>  > Repeater/EDP, as well as simple instructions on how to transfer the
>>  > midi data across from computer to pedal (with links to PC/Mac 
>>  > that will do this).
>>  >
>>  > The only problem that I foresee is that not everyone has a midi
>>  > interface on their computer.... What does everyone think?
>>  >
>>  > I had a hell of a lot of problems getting my head around the FCB1010,
>>  > but now, it does seem really simple once you take your time to 
>>  > and analyse everything. Maybe what we do need is simple instructions
>>  > written by loopers and formatted as html (with images) or PDF..... 
>>  > been discussed before I think....
>>  >
>>  > I know that a lot of information already exists in the archives, but
>>  > its difficult to find what you are looking for - especially if your
>>  > brain is fried with 8 hours of failed FCB programming.
>>  >
>>  > I'm willing to help create an FCB guide (time permitting) with info
>>  > geared for the Repeater. Is anyone else willing to help out -
>>  > especially with regards to the EDP? I'm looking at creating step by
>>  > step, easily navigable guide with everything that a looper would
>>  > need... tips... full programming charts.... etc. etc.
>>  >
>>  > Just a thought....
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