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Re: SV: not very reliable live


some thought
-why did it happen on stage did it happen at home too ?
-if it also happens at home you could record all the midi streams in a seq 
hope the problems will arise
then its perhaps easyer to debug, workaround, reproduce ?
-one thing that is probably a great problem avoider in my setup is that 
all midi
streams go thru my 8port se midi patcher /filter so I can avoid 
congestions and
unuseful messages by filtering any message that is not relevant to the 


> Dear Mark,
>  I have had the Repeater tank out on me in four our of my last four live
> performances. My suspicion is that midi CC messages from both my WX5 wind
> synth and
> my Behringer midi pedals are overwhelming the unit but I'm just not sure.
> When it malfunctioned during Goddess's set the other night I had a 
> sinking
> feeling.
> It may be that I have an anomalous problem or a malfunctioning unit but
> there is also the distinct possiblity that the Repeater has some serious
> bugs in it.  Given the erratic history of the release of the unit you 
> to admit that this might be a distinct, albeit
> depressing possibility.
> Trust me , buddy,  I've tried hard enough.
> So, a queery:   has anyone else been able to successfully use the 
> with
> a wind controller and a set of midi pedals?
> yours,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)