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A moment to stop and appreciate

Hey gang, I just woke up in the middle of the night with insomnia
and wrestling with the existential demons that we all wrestle with
sometimes.  I'm exhausted and a little overworked.

Sunao Inami sleeps in my home tonight, here for the first time in
Northern California................

........wonderful memories of my long hang with GODDESS still linger
in my mind.

I just read every daly post in the Loopers Delight, including the very
sweet and gracious post of Matthias and visions of performing with him
and Claude Voit in Switzerland,  Per Boysen and Anders Ostberg in Sweden,
Massimo Liverani and Luigi Meloni in Italy, Steve Lawson and Paul Marshall
in the British Isles,  Stuart Wyatt in France and several other wonderful
artists this coming summer have me feeling giddy and hopeful about life.

......more memories of the delightful dinner I just had with our fearless
leader Kim Flint and Goddess after the Woman's Looping Festival......of
lunch with
the very funny and talented Hans Lindauer at NAMM.......of breakfast with
Larry the "O" (before I realized that he WAS Larry the "O" at
hearing with great pride my brother's demo of the recently defunct Repeater
Y2K2 LOOPFEST........of jamming with my brother Steve Lawson and Michael
and Max Valentino during the 1st Bass Looping Tour.////

I love this community and I love this site.........

Thanks everybody for being part of it all.

with great appreciation, Rick Walker
(just a part of the greater looppool........;-)