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loop recordings pool

Loop.pool Ricks "after-what?" deserves a new subject, I think.

He really has that "pool-soul" :-)

>  This is an afterthough, but I wanted to share it:
>   It seems like a lot of loopers are interested in other loopers 
>but it seems rather rare that some one will actually
>fork over some money to actually buy one.

So far I just exchanged (swapped) CDs (mostly CD-Rs) with loop 
brothers (and now the first from a sister is under way). I find this 
very friendly and I made it to a pile of about 20 so far.

So far I never felt like "your recording has less quality than mine, 
so I loose on that swap". It was always a win-win situation, 
happiness to listen to something new... although I admit that some 
just sit on the shelf now... :-)

Sure, if someone said that he has no recordings at all, the swap may 
not work. But since international transfer of money is not simple, in 
a few cases I simply asked for some other CD that the brother likes...

I am a little split about the form: I save all in mp3 on the HD, 
because I am tired of CD mess and CD players, but some CDs are nice 
to have for the cover.
Also, I hate to select which of my recordings is suitable for someone 
I dont know yet, so I think about creating a CD-ROM full of mp3s 
(still not all of my work!).
Some hear the difference, but somehow I doubt that most of us record 
at a sufficient quality to make mp3 a bad choice.

So the looppool could be a site, where everyone who loads his works 
up to, has the right to download the others works.
Maybe, from the same site, real customers could download by paying 
and order CDs.

>My question is this:   If we are unwilling to support each other's 
>financially, how the heck can we expect the buying public at large to
>support our artistry.

Then again, if we try to make money amongst us, we will not get very far.
The aim is to sell to people that are not able to make their own loop 

This fits to the recent discussion about uploading mp3 to LD. As Kim 
said, he may not have bandwidth for all of this, and I dont think 
that everything has to happen on LD.
It is the specialist site, full of technical information and profound 
knowledge about its use and improvisation and such, but someone who 
is simply curious about what we do probably turns away without 
understanding and certainly without buying our music.

Gibson is willing to support a new site that will be directed rather 
to the public and artists that are not yet familiar with looping, as 
has been discussed here and put together in my "action plan" mail. 
There we need a collection of music anyway to show what we can do. So 
I am thinking about how this may turn into our music pool.

Is there a software that allows to transfer fragments of an mp3 file? 
This could be useful for both sides:
- the curious surfer can get a quick idea about some music by 
listening to for example 10 seconds in the beginning, middle and end 
to get a quick picture
- the artist has a way to pass the idea of the music without giving 
it away. To download the whole piece, the user has to pay. $.50 is 
not much, but adds up. Or he can order the CD. A fraction of it goes 
to the maintainance of the site.

Also: Most of us who managed to create a professional CD sell them on 
their own label. Thats nice somehow, but its not very economic and 
not so impressive for the buyer.
I decided long ago that I will not do it on my own and when I met 
Steve a month ago, I asked him spontaneously, whether I could join 
Pillow Mountain Records. We agreed that I would still pay for my own 
production, do it my way, but use his style of cover (which I like a 
lot anyway). Our music is of a similar energy/ideology, but still 
clearly distinct, so it makes sense for the customer to find more of 
what he likes in the same spot and we end up supporting each other. I 
am really looking forward to this!

The big corporations fusions dont make sense any more, but maybe some 
of you could think whether a colaboration between a few independent 
musicians would make sense, no? Of course those tiny labels have to 
be linked to the looppool somehow, in everyones interest.

>My completely gratuitous advice:  There are some truly creative and great
>recorded works commercially available by many Loopers Delight 
>artists.  Right off the bat I can think of David Torn, Steve Lawson, 
>Amy X Neuburg, Ted Killian, Max Valentino, Andre La Fosse, Tom 
>Heasley and many, many more too numerous but nonetheless, deserving 
>to mention.

Right! Claude Voit, Mich Gerber, Marco Cerletti, Stefan Keller, 
Renato Rizzo... just to name some swiss guys that have exellent EDP 
based professional CDs out! ;-)

>Buy them, gang!!!!
>Let's put our mouths where our money is and support this community.

their money... our mouths... :-)

>OK,  end of soapbox segment of this e-mail...................LOL!!!

I never really understood that soapbox thing... is it slippery? Do I 
stay on it?


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