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Re: recordings of 1st WOMAN's LOOPING FESTIVAL artist performances and commercially available material.

Rick my friend are you finnally send me your snail mail adress so I can 
send you
my cd for free in exchange of yours (and a litle review) :-)


I'm extatic about all youre doing for free. thank you
you create momentum
I even think about hosting a litlle summer looping festival in july-august 
in my

more when awailable

thanks rick


yours,  Rick Walker (aka Loop.pooL) wrote
> P.S.
>  This is an afterthough, but I wanted to share it:
>   It seems like a lot of loopers are interested in other loopers 
> but it seems rather rare that some one will actually
> fork over some money to actually buy one.
> My question is this:   If we are unwilling to support each other's 
> financially, how the heck can we expect the buying public at large to
> support our artistry.
> My completely gratuitous advice:  There are some truly creative and great
> recorded works
> commercially available by many Loopers Delight artists.  Right off the 
>bat I
> can think of
> David Torn, Steve Lawson, Amy X Neuburg, Ted Killian, Max Valentino, 
> La Fosse, Tom Heasley and many,many more too numerous but nonetheless,
> deserving to mention.
> Buy them , gang!!!!
> Let's put our mouths where our money is and support this community.
> OK,  end of soapbox segment of this e-mail...................LOL!!!