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Re: Roland FC-200/Behringer woes

Thanks Cliff....

I tried doing the exactly the same this morning, but it did not work.... 
maybe it was just a lack of caffeine in my blood-steam. I'll try again 
now :)

On Monday, September 30, 2002, at 10:45 PM, Clifford Novey wrote:

> You select the preset you want to program- then once you get into 
> program
> mode any footswitch which is lit means it is active for that particular
> preset- each footswitch has a small label which shows PC or CC- I think
> pedals 6 and 7 are for CC messages- so you press and hold to turn 
> on/off-
> then you press any lit switch to edit its value (it begins to blink)- 
> press
> bank up- enter the cc# you want and so fourth- anyway I was stumped the 
> same
> way at first- I hope this helps-
> Cliff--
Stuart Wyatt - Solo String Project