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Re: multi-track looping

Digital Performer 3 has a module called POLAR (Performance Orientated Loop
Assisted Recording) that can do some amazing Loop recording.  It's also a 
ass hard drive audio/midi recording program for Mac OS9, with an OSX 
version in

I've barely scratched the surface of POLAR, but it seems amazingly 
If I could automate the volume of each track to simulate feedback, it 
would be
nearly perfect.  Maybe future versions will have some form of feedback 

for more info: http://www.motu.com

Mark Sottilaro

Carsten Wegener wrote:

> I love my EDP, but sometimes when Iīd like to work out a nice idea, I 
> that itīs imposible to record each new layer on a separate track of a
> harddisk-recorder like Logic audio without loosing the spontanity and
> intuitve handling of the EDP. Does anyone know if thereīs some software 
> (for mac) that can do this?
> Thanks Carsten