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Re: Roland FC-200

Thanks for the info Mark,

> One MIDI channel only. 

I thought so,but just seemed so totally mad that I had doubts.

>  For the pedals on the device, you need to choose
>  between prog change, notes, or controllers though external pedals (of 
>  you can have 6) can always transmit controller information as can the
>  onboard expression pedal.

So thats seven CC pedals on one Channel,
Well perhaps you can use  a switch instead of a pedal, which 
would give you some extra options. 
A switch could be latching or non-latching.

....but then this is stupid, because you're going to end up
with all these extra switches 

>  There's also one control switch that works in
>  program change mode but gets turned into a note in note mode. And the 
>  aren't assignable beyond what octave you want to send.
>  It is probably better built than the Behringer (from what I've heard 
>  the Behringer) though it does require a wall wart if you don't want to 
>  batteries.

Behringer is well built.

>  So, I would have thought that it would be reasonably easy to match it's
>  capabilities. But...
>  The Behringer will only transmit on/off information for footswitch 
>  if you get the EPROM upgrade and then it won't do latching.

I think the upgrade only lets you use both CC functions in an 
alternating fashion.
i.e. if you use both CC functions with the same channel and CC No.
then you send one CC value on the first press, and another on the second
(and so on)
so you can program  a latching CC 

>  Or is it
>  vice-versa (i.e., the EPROM will let it do latching but it still won't 
>  momentary controls)? In fact, I couldn't find any cheap pedals that were
>  good at handling the momentary v. latching issue for control 
>  I also couldn't find anything that comes close on expression pedal 

the Yamaha MFC-10 has an onboard pedal, and inputs for 4 
pedals with programmable CC, Chanel and range( reverse allowed)
...but don't even think about it for looper control, there's a delay
of almost 100ms on the switches

>  That being said, I've sold it. I just know that if I find myself 
>  capabilities, it won't be trivial to replace it.
>  Mark
>  P.S. What I want in a MIDI controller:

Just a sensibly designed footpedal,
that's all we want ;-)

andy butler