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Re: Eminems success / labels future

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Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 17:48:PM
Subject: Eminems success / labels future

> I just read an article in a Swiss journal about the crisis of the big
> record companies.
> they said "The Eminem Show" had its big success because he included a
> video on the CD, so the public bought it although the music was
> available on the net.
> So to make it into the charts today, you have to be smart in copy
> protection rather then play well ;-)
> I think for us small the situation improve when the big ones become
weaker, no?

Overheard at a recent DVD show:

Record Co. Exec:    ...but we can't keep carrying on that way!  We'll go 
of business!

Musician:                Exactly.


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