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Re: Patch Bay Question...

> If I'm eventually just going to settle on only one routing scheme because
> playing around with this stuff during performance is too confusing, then
> obviously it's not worth speccing it into the rig.

FWIW, I originally put in my patchbay so that I could experiment with
different schemes expecting to eventually settle on my favorite and ditch
the bay.  I did find a favorite patching scheme, but I ended up loving the
flexibility and using it so much that instead of ditching it, I just went 
and normalled my favorite scheme into the patchbay and left the patchbay
there.  Now with no patch cables in, I get my favorite/most used
configuration.  I now constantly use the patchbay to: insert a volume pedal
between any insert point, change the order of effects, insert a borrowed
piece of gear in between any insert point, and debug some non-operational
thing (all too common...).  Also the patch bay makes a great external plug
point for _any_ 1/4" jack.  I've got a couple of spare points that I use 
EDP feedback and footpedal jacks so I don't have to reach into the backside
of my rack with a flashlight just to plug everything in when I setup.