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>> I'm also planning to do a water piece so if anyone
>> has some watery sounds (under water ambience,
>> bubbles, fish etc)

> I'm putting the finishing touches on a piece I call "Song of the Sea"

There's a very old LP recording on Folkways Records from 1952 [F-6121]
called "Sounds of the Sea, Vol.1."  It captured the sounds of sea creatures
such as "snapping shrimp" etc.  It was recorded with what must have been
state-of-the-art underwater microphones at the time, but none of the sounds
are any too clear.  I purchased this years ago, hoping to be able to
incorporate some of the sounds into "water" pieces I was doing, but never
used any of them.  I guess I was expecting some bubbling/gurgling sounds 
was disappointed by what seemed to be little more than white noise with 
occasional crackles or thuds.  I had plenty of vinyl records that already
did *that*.  :-)  I don't know whether this has ever been re-released on 

One further anecdote about this curious LP:  One day my girlfriend at the
time (now my wife), a folk musician, was at my place perusing my record
collection for items to borrow.  This was always amusing since our
respective tastes were nearly polar opposites.  I noticed that "Sounds of
the Sea" was at the top of the pile of records she'd chosen.  I asked why
she'd have any interest in listening to the sounds of various marine
creatures.  She gave a shocked look and said, "Oh!  I thought it was an
album of Sea Chanteys."

We still get a chuckle out of that.