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Re: Patch Bay Question...

> So, the real crux of the matter comes down to the question, "is it really
> worth it?".
I use a switchblade and have 4 stereo effects processor, a preamp and an
I have set up different presets: preamp in all 4 efx and edp, preamp in 3
efx and edp and edp's out in the 4th efx, preamp in each single efx (one
preset for each),
preamp to efx 1 and its out to efx 2, and many others i am trying.
I am using this feature a lot, live or home while composing.
I am controlling it with a midi pedal board which is dedicated to the
I have been using mixers for a lot of time, but always missed the chance to
switch from a routing to another one.
Doing it on the fly was very time absorbing and needful of concentration on
the routing rather than on what i was playing.
The "physical" mixer allows you to blend, fade in/out more easily than with
a preprogrammed router, but this was my choice.

Hope this is useful,