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RE: Need help Getting Anatek Pocket Pedal to work midi volume w/EDP

Thanks for quick response.
Yes you need the midi out to supply power to the pocket pedal.

I got the midi pin config from this site
I also got out my multi meter and found the voltage+ to be on the pin
that your diagram is showing as data.?????(this would seem to confirm
this site's pin config)
However, my pin breaking experiment didn't work, I broke ALL BUT the
pins you designated as DAT , GRN
(wouldn't power the Ppedal)

so I'll try your pin config and break just the DAT, will repost results.
If you would, can you check the site I listed and see if it's labels are


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At 11:06 AM 9/28/2002, Kevin L. Breshears wrote:
>Hi all, I have a Pocket pedal, want to use it and a CV pedal with EDP. 
>(loop III ver 5.)
>When hooking it up to in and out of EDP, it missbehaves as if it's 
>getting in a feedback loop with the same data. Sometimes the EDP locks 
>up (won't record)(sometimes in this state the EDP goes into next 
>loop/multiplywith just a press of "record") and the PPedal's light goes

>out meaning it needs a reset.

yes, it sounds like you are creating a midi infinite-loop. Why do you
to connect to the midi-out of the EDP? is that for powering the pocket 
pedal by sucking power off the midi interface?

It sounds like the pocket pedal just sends everything at the midi in 
directly to the out, so connecting it to both the midi in and midi out
the same device definitely risks this sort of infinite-loop problem.

>How can I get the EDP to "power" my Ppedal and also "recieve" the midi 
>vol messages I need? Is there a way to turn off the midi tranmision of 
>data from the EDP??

no, when midi is on it is on for both in and out, so you can't break the

loop that way.

>Or, is there a way to modify a midi cable to carry only the phantom 
>power on pins 5 & 3  and not to carry other messages out?( I tried 
>breaking off pins other than 5 & 3 , but then it wouldn't power the

yes, that is simple, and probably your best solution. You should only be

cutting one line off the cable, the one that carries the data out. The
with +5V and the pin with ground you want to be sure to keep. I'm not
how you are numbering the pins, but anyway, looking into the end of the 
cable, the pins are:

     /             \
    /               \
   | (NC)       (NC) |
    \  (5V)  (dat)  /

cut off the data pin and I think it would work to supply power only.


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