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re: Water Music

Title: re: Water Music
At 5:08 PM -0700 9/28/02, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:
where the women of the tribe play rhythmic games by splashing in the water.

Also  done by the Semelai,  who live in the largest swamp area of Malaysia. Jon Hassell used this as a backing loop on "Malay" on Dream Theory in Malaya (1981).

Also, on my last CD I used a piece where I sample raindrops on different
resonant surfaces (umbrella, drum head, piece of vinyl) and then turned it into a rhythmic melody.

Check out "Dripsody" (1955) by Hugh LeCaine. http://www.hughlecaine.com/sounds/dripsody.mp3

Water rules!!!!

Robert Erickson used recordings of surf in "Pacific Sirens (1969)" and babbling brooks in (I think) "Summer Music" (1974), in combination with acoustic instruments.

I love water sounds myself and often use recordings of surf and rain.

My first piece for tape alone was a processed recording of the plumbing in the men's toilet at the Cabrillo College theater (1975). That piece went by several titles, including "Royal Flush" and "The Deliverance of Israel."

I think most tape composers have used toilet and washing machine sounds at some point in their early careers.