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re: Water Music

Speaking of water music,   I love to do a short piece in my live show that
only uses me looping and manipulation of bubbles blown into waterbottles
of different sizes (of course, they are all dayglo translucent lime green
plastic------------I'm nothing if not consistent........LOL).

Also, I love a CD of music of the Baka Forest People of Southeast Cameroon
(they have been called Pygmies, but apparently they dislike that term ----
and for that matter, the Inuit are NOT Eskimos,  the Sami are NOT
where the women of the tribe play rhythmic games by splashing in the water.
The sounds are AMAZING and very tonal and, of course, liquid.

Check it out.

Also, on my last CD I used a piece where I sample raindrops on different
surfaces (umbrella, drum head, piece of vinyl) and then turned it into a

Water rules!!!!

yours, Rick Walker (aka Loop.pooL)