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time change for 1st WOMAN's LOOPING FESTIVAL start time of 7 P.M.

Hi gang,  Here is an important addendum for this gig:

The Festival is from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. this
Friday, October 4th at the San Jose Museum of Art

 NOT   8 p.m. as I posted earlier.

Here is our excellent lineup:

JESSE ROSE (aka AUDIO GODDESS)  7:15 -  7:35
UNITY NGUYEN                    7:40 -  8:00
DARK MUSE                       8:05 -  8:25
CQ                              8:30 -  8:50

AMY X NEUBERG   (SF)            9:05 -  9:45

also, this is the address of the Museum.

Just put this into MapQuest to get your directions if you are driving in.

110 S Market St
San Jose, CA
95113-2307 US

Thanks so much.   I look forward to seeing a lot of loopers there (Men and

yours,   Rick