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Re: Patch Bay Question...

At 03:01 PM 9/28/2002 -0700, JAMES FOWLER, III wrote:

>what exactly do you mean by "flexible patching functionality"?  are you 
>talking about continuous control within presets (panning, gain inc/dec, 
>etc.)?  the switchblade offers a whole slew of options other than basic 

Sorry.  From the other posts here, I was thinking the Switchblade was 
merely an automated patchbay and didn't realize it was more 
fully-featured.  In particular, I'm curious about the ability to change 
order of different modules, switch source/destination paths, etc.  The 
of things you would do on a regular basis with your typical patch-panel in 
the studio.

I'm curious if, during performance, people find that kind of flexibility 
be a real boon or more confusing than it's worth.


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