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Re: watermusic

>matthias@grob.org writes:
>>Fripp called an early family of (classic?) loop pieces watermusic...
>a propos, haydn.

hm.. but thats not loopy, is it?
there is also Moldau...
Patrick Moraz had a band called Refugee before he joined Yes and 
there is a great composition about the Grand Canyon...

when I was in Juazeiro, the native town of Joao Gilberto (pioneer of 
Bossa Nova), situated at the boarder of the big San Francisco River, 
I was impressed by it and such was the concert and then they told me 
that every musician that visits the city writes a song about the 
river :-)

But my point was rather whether loops had to do with water...

>also: the novel of same name, by t. coraghessan boyle.
>dt / s-c


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