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Richard Pinhas in Baltimore October 26th

                Baltimore Progressive Rock Showcase Series
                          Orion Sound Studios
                         2903 Whittington Ave
                            Baltimore MD
                   Saturday, Oct 26th, 2002 8pm

French guitarist, electronic musician, and composer Richard Pinhas is
internationally recognized as one of France's major experimental
musicians: the 'father' of French electronic music. He was the founder of
Heldon, a band whose violent fusion of electronics and guitar in the 1970s
rivaled the German electronic school and was a precursor to today's
industrial music. As a guitar player, his sound has been compared that of
guitar icon Robert Fripp.

Over the past decade, working solo and with other artists such as Pascal
Comelade and Maurice Dantec (for Schizotrope), Pinhas has been developing a
system of electronic processing to use in performing live solo guitar

Pinhas will perform in Baltimore, Maryland on October 26th at Orion
Studios as part of the ongoing Baltimore Progressive Rock Showcase Series
Fall 2002 schedule. Performing on guitar and accompanied by French
electronic musician Jérôme Schmidt, Pinhas will play music from hisew
instrumental release on Cuneiform, *Event and Repetitions*, and possibly
some new pieces that fuse electronics, sampling and guitar and incorporate
spoken-word from writings by Phil K. Dick, William Burroughs, Hunter S.
Thompson, and others.

*Event and Repetitions* marks a progression in Pinhas' ongoing experiments
with sound. Created using only guitar and processing systems and recorded
live, it is an arresting sensory assault, a river of sound that is rich in
depth, detail and texture. Pinhas has released approximately 20 solo and
Heldon CDs, many of released by or reissued on Cuneiform; this newest may
be his best solo guitar work to date.

Tickets for this all ages show are $15 in advance via Ticketweb at

For directions and more information, please visit The Progressive Rock Web
Site at http://www.progrock.net/


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