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Re: OT Using a MIDI to CV converter with guitar

The Roland & Yamaha pickups don't actually do midi
conversion by themselves. They are really just
providing a separate pickup for each guitar string.
The actual pitch-to-midi conversion takes place
within the guitar synth that the pup connects to via
a 13 pin cable. I suppose you could connect a midi
cable from the midi out of the guitar synth to a midi/
cv converter, then to an analog synth, but the
tracking would probably suffer.

Roland used to make a stand alone pitch-to-midi
converter called the GI-10. Since it was designed to
work with a separate synth, it might work better with
the midi/cv to analog setup.

I wish I could test it for you. I have a GI-10 & a
JKJ midi/cv converter. I just don't have an analog
synth at this time.


--- mark penner <jebus@lanes.ca> wrote:
> I'm wondering if it's possible to use a MIDI to CVI
> converter, like the one Frostwave sells, with guitar
> to control analog synth modules.  More detail:  A
> guitar with a MIDI pick up going into a guitar
> synth(probably Roland I guess) then to the MIDI to
> CV converter which would control an analog synth,
> that is CV controllable.   The end result would be
> playing a note on the guitar would trigger the same
> note on the synth.  Is this possible?
> I don't currently have a MIDI pick up or any MIDI
> gear at all but I have some moogerfooger pedals and
> I've been exploring their CV capabilties.  I'm very
> interested in finding out more about CV and it's
> applications with guitar.
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