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Re: love, vision, and archetypes

>>I sent one C90 cassette of sexy loops to my nephew ...
> lucky one... and the rest of the world? How about some CD-Rs :-) ?

I have made a promise to myself and others: I am working on a book ("Play
Guitar By Ear," which is a story in itself) and as soon as I am done with
it, I am going to return to playing in public, including looping. Once I
start that up, I will undoubtedly assemble some CD's. And you folks at LD
will hear about it as soon as it happens!
> Besides, I am rather looking for another kinds of associations:
> God: a deep drone [agreed! Perhaps natural overtone series brought 
a bit]
> The Healing Energy: quirling mixture of rather high pitched quick 
[I like this!]
> to Give is a melody down [thought-provoking. I will try and see how it
> to Grow: a melody up [also thought-provoking. Must try]
> to Work: steady beat [I like to focus on a heartbeat-related pulse.
Internal, focused work at 60 bpm; brain work at 80-92 with lots of 
note activity; physical work/dance at 120-140; etc.]
> Love: romantic melodic
> Tension: disharmony
> Hate: free tonal melody [i disagree. Only if it "upsets" a tonality, and
even then, one of my favorite loop strategies is to build a tonality and
shift to another right on top of it. Moments of atonal wandering feel like 
kind of questioning, not hate]
> Domination: a fat harmony
the music has some absolute meanings to it. We got global musical
> archetypes. Lets use them to communicate!
Can't wait to hear from others on this!
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large