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> > i thought we WERE playing pop music ??

dunno about you lot, I certainly am (most of the time - gig last night with
Franck Vigroux at the London Guitar Fest was about as pop as Derek Bailey,
but still...) - though a guy did come up to me at the 21st Century Schizoid
Band in Wolverhampton and say that he thought my stuff was a little
inaccessable - AT A KING CRIMSON GIG!!!!! What on earth was this guy on?
it's nearly all in 4/4, melody-led, diatonic to a fault - methinks he was
listening with his eyes not his ears... :o)

Last night of the Schizoid Tour is Monday at the QEH here  in London - come
and say hi if you're going. Great to meet some of you round the country...