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Re: multi-track looping

On Thursday, September 26, 2002, at 07:30  PM, Ritsu Katsumata wrote:
> 1) is this the only one that can loop more than one track at a time 
> (live) -- so, if I want to do a 4 beat loop on 1 track, then an 8 beat 
> loop on track 2, etc.--  or are there others that can do this > (easily)?

Uh, the Repeater can't do that either.  It's got 4 tracks per loop, but 
they all have to be exactly the same length.  Of course, you can make 
and store up to 99 loops of different sizes and toggle between them if 
you want.  You can do a bunch on the EDP this way too.

> 2) what's the best foot control to get for it?  I'm going to be using 
> it live, so there's no time to fuss with buttons and knobs.

Looks like the Behringer FCP1010 is the best thing on the market for 
the price right now.  There are better MIDI controllers out there, but 
they cost as much or more than the things they're controlling!

> Thanks again--
> Ritsu
> http://www.ritsu.com