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Re: midi pedal working as momentary]


The Rocktron All Access pedal can be programmed so such.  When the
footswitch is
pressed the "on" control value is sent, when released, the "off" value
is sent.


Ppaulpadam@aol.com wrote:

> Hello
> Does anyone know if there is a midi pedal board that works as a MOMENTARY
> switch instead of a TOGGLE?  I have a Korg KARMA that has 4 chord buttons
> that respond to CC # 87 - 90. I am looking for a pedal board that will
> trigger as a momentary switch. EX.  when you press the pedal it starts 
> When you release pedal the chord stops ( Most midi boards work as toggle,
> meaning you must press once to engage and another time to release 
> Many Thanks
> Paul Adams
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