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Re: midi pedal working as momentary


The Rocktron All Access pedal can be programmed so such.  When the 
footswitch is
pressed the "on" control value is sent, when released, the "off" value is 


Ppaulpadam@aol.com wrote:

> Hello
> Does anyone know if there is a midi pedal board that works as a MOMENTARY
> switch instead of a TOGGLE?  I have a Korg KARMA that has 4 chord buttons
> that respond to CC # 87 - 90. I am looking for a pedal board that will
> trigger as a momentary switch. EX.  when you press the pedal it starts 
> When you release pedal the chord stops ( Most midi boards work as toggle,
> meaning you must press once to engage and another time to release 
> Many Thanks
> Paul Adams
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