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Re: dancing loops - MIDI Ball Website

     Here's the link to the MIDI Ball: Click here: Performance Innovations  If the clickable link doesn't work, the URL is:
     There's a good picture of the MIDI Ball on this page. Take care, Marc

In a message dated 9/26/2002 12:40:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, matthias@grob.org writes:

Random Mark:
>      I remember seeing an article in Electronic Musician some years
>ago about a band Named D'Cuckoo (please excuse spelling). They had a
>large ball that they called the MIDI Ball. It was wired with MIDI
>sensors and was thrown out to the crowd. Each time the crowd hit
>back up into the air they would trigger various MIDI events. That
>would be very interesting to have at a Contact Jam.

now this is impressive! and must be wireless, so the ball could
probably be "abused" in other ways! I want one! Is it a commercial
product? I could not google it.