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re: ZK on sudden tour

Actually, the site IS updated.  It's how I found out.

What I'm moaning about is she didn't relay the info to the email lists we
have in common.

>I ran into Zoe on the morning she left San Francsico. (She lives at the
>place where the second night of the Found Object Festival was, and I wound
>up spending the night in a guest bed.) It turns out that the collective
>she's a part of decided to do the tour only a few days before it happened.
>Between that and the Ziegler show she did on the 19th, she probably didn't
>have a spare moment to update her site.
>Matt Davignon
>At 06:20 PM 2002/09/26 -0400, just john wrote:
>>Every now and then I check LD member Zoe Keating's web page (
>>http://www.zoekeating.com/ )for news of shows and new releases.  I hadn't
>>for a while, so when I went there today, I saw the news page had been
>>updated for the first time in maybe a year, and that she's playing with
>>Rasputina at the Bowery Ballroom on Delancey Street in NYC, TONIGHT.
>>If I'd known that, say, two days in advance, I could have made it to the
>>Gee, Zoe, your mailing list was one of the other few I've ever subscribed
>>to -- even before I came to this one.  I wish you'da mentioned this tour.
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