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Re: ZK Tonight in NYC, and I'LL BE MISSING IT!

Yeah!  That show with Jhno sounded wonderful!   I've had waaaay too much
fun with his Looper freeware and have been waiting for his radiaL software
to be released (tho I'll have to get a job before I can buy it.)

I hope somebody recorded it.

Add to that missing Keneally, Kaiser, Muir et al ...  Well, I just applied
for a day job in San Fran.

(And then they'll all move over here to Connecticut.  Well, at least
Cellobop plays around here.)

>Yeah, I bugged her about this too.  On the 22nd I visited only to find out
>that I missed her on the 19th in SF :(
>At 06:20 PM 2002/09/26 -0400, just john wrote:
>>Every now and then I check LD member Zoe Keating's web page (
>>http://www.zoekeating.com/ )for news of shows and new releases.  I hadn't
>>for a while, so when I went there today, I saw the news page had been
>>updated for the first time in maybe a year, and that she's playing with
>>Rasputina at the Bowery Ballroom on Delancey Street in NYC, TONIGHT.
>>If I'd known that, say, two days in advance, I could have made it to the
>>Gee, Zoe, your mailing list was one of the other few I've ever subscribed
>>to -- even before I came to this one.  I wish you'da mentioned this tour.

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