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Re: looping brings infinity?

>On Thursday, September 26, 2002, at 09:39 AM, Looper in delight wrote:
>>But we *are* nature.  We don't *mimic* nature.
>I'm not 100% convinced that we are nature.

we may do things that dont quite fit in to as it used to be.
but it did several leaps before and continued beeing nature.

>Mankind works against nature.

just like any other member of nature. look what they do to each 
other, its one big competition.

>You only have to look at how we fight amongst ourselves and slowly 
>suffocate the planet and kill off all the other species of living 
>matter and natural resources. We are almost like viruses - consume, 
>spread, consume, spread....

here you say it: like viruses - a very old natural thing :-)

>Certainly there are core elements of the human body that are made up 
>of elements of nature, but there is something coherantly very wrong 
>with the human psyche.

Yes, there is something very fascinating emersing. I have the 
impression that even the dogs can feel it when they look at us ;-)

>Maybe the 'buzz' comes from this psyche actually taping back into 
>nature.... its a different natural state to be in, thus is a 
>trip.... Damn... I'm rambing. :)

we got a pile of different brains of different phases of evolutions 
and they dont colaborate perfectly, but pretty amazing well. The 
biggest and most recent one is the one that types this and thinks 
that everything is wrong and our fault. The others just go on they 
way they did the other millions of years and laugh about the newbie 

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