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My mp3's/reviews (OT a bit)

My MP3's just got approved this week. So here they are:


An official review is here:


There are 4 songs on the mp3 site. 1st 3 are acoustic/
singer/songwriter/folk/pop (and a bit of DIY/LO-FI/Independant)
The 4th song is one of my electronic/loop/abstract/
noise/interludes. I'm waiting for a 5th song (in same
"loop" vein as the 4th song) to be
approved, it had in the title "Lucasfilm", guess that
is a copyrighted name, had to remove it.

end of shameless, self-promotion...
ps-cd is 79 min long, 38 tracks, about 1/2 are acoustic vocal
songs, other half are my loop/noise instrumental interludes...

Image of my album cover is here, w/ review coming...


I'm listed in "Dirty Linen" as a new release, (no review):