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Re: do you imagine pictures while playing?

Great Job Stuart,
   I understand and feel what you say.  When I get into looping I find 
myself in a space that feels alive.  It breathes and reacts to my thoughts 
to a point that emotions roll off my fingers onto the guitar travelling 
deep inside to the exterior sounds.  Sometimes it overwhelms me to a point 
that I fear doing it "full time" but also crave it.  It is more than a 
it has become an essential passion that must be fulfilled constantly.  I 
have a hard time explaining it but it still feels bigger and I feel it is 
still growing in me.  I hope it never ends


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>This is a very interesting topic, and quite personal ... sorry if I start 
>What I feel when I loop is better than any drug/experience/feeling, which 
>is why I have and am sacrificing everything to continue doing what I'm 
>doing full-time. It is deeply spiritual, and a high state of conciousness.
>If you want an example of myself in this state, I have an mp3 of a jam 
>a friend (he used 2 laptops, Live and Reason), and myself on 
>DL4/Repeater... its a rough mix and a total unrehearsed, improvised and 
>uneditded live jam. Its total freeform music/soundcape/subconcious trance 
>music.... Its the first time we played with each other for about a year. 
>Just one evening where we were in the same city, and spent a few hours 
>connecting everything up.
>I have other tracks - 8.6MB and 21MB which I'm trying to find webspace 
>if anyone is interested in how this jam went....
>Anyway, we were both completely stoned.... celebrating our reunion, and 
>decided to jam.... and both of us trust and know each other, and feel 
>comfortable being able to completely freak out in each others company.....
>....I'd be willing to try and explain some of what I feel when I'm in 
>state, and would very much like to hear how other people deeply feel when 
>looping. We all feel something.... hell, we would not be on this list if 
>were not so.... Talking about how we feel might allow us to understand 
>it is that goes on inside our heads when we are in this state....
>Anyone interested in 'opening up'? :)
>Stuart Wyatt - Solo String Project


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