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Re: do you imagine pictures while playing?

This is a very interesting topic, and quite personal ... sorry if I 
start rambling.

What I feel when I loop is better than any drug/experience/feeling, 
which is why I have and am sacrificing everything to continue doing what 
I'm doing full-time. It is deeply spiritual, and a high state of 

If you want an example of myself in this state, I have an mp3 of a jam 
with a friend (he used 2 laptops, Live and Reason), and myself on 
DL4/Repeater... its a rough mix and a total unrehearsed, improvised and 
uneditded live jam. Its total freeform music/soundcape/subconcious 
trance music.... Its the first time we played with each other for about 
a year. Just one evening where we were in the same city, and spent a few 
hours connecting everything up.


I have other tracks - 8.6MB and 21MB which I'm trying to find webspace 
for if anyone is interested in how this jam went....

Anyway, we were both completely stoned.... celebrating our reunion, and 
decided to jam.... and both of us trust and know each other, and feel 
comfortable being able to completely freak out in each others 

....I'd be willing to try and explain some of what I feel when I'm in 
this state, and would very much like to hear how other people deeply 
feel when looping. We all feel something.... hell, we would not be on 
this list if it were not so.... Talking about how we feel might allow us 
to understand what it is that goes on inside our heads when we are in 
this state....

Anyone interested in 'opening up'? :)

Stuart Wyatt - Solo String Project