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Re: boss rc20

Really cool mp3s on your site!

I'm pretty sure the RC20 doesn't let you do multipal tracks, but it does
permit overdubs on one (mono) track.  The only the Hardware looper that
would allow multipal tracks was the Repeater, but I guess people are now
talking about the Digitech GNX3.  The Repeater has been discontinued,
but you can still find them around.  Check out the "tools of the trade"
section on the Loopers Delight site and it will give you a pretty good
idea of what's out there and what can be done.

Mark Sottilaro

Ritsu Katsumata wrote:

> Hi--
> I'm a novice at live looping-- used the sound on sound with my old
> digitech rp10, but that's about it.  Can anyone tell me if they'd
> recommend the Boss RC20 to someone like me?
> I play electric violin-- my stuff is posted on http://www.ritsu.com
> I want to try looping some rhythmic riffs, maybe 2 or 3 tracks, and
> play a lead line over it.
> Any advice is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ritsu