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Re: dancing loops nightmare

   I can move smoothly up and down tempos with the Repeater.   I use midi
clock mostly though, but it does tend to glide from tempo to tempo using
the tap feature as well.   



At 02:32 AM 9/24/02 -0300, you wrote:
>>Last semester, I did a single class again as an experiment to try to 
>>build chops with my new EDP and guitar synth/drum machine set up...
>>It was pretty bad... I could not keep up with tempo changes and the 
>>teacher kept stopping and starting before I could get things 
>>going...Sometimes the teacher would count off at a tempo where I 
>>would start my loop and then immediately (unconsciously) rush the 
>>beat when the dancers started...Playing a drum you can flow with 
>>those insconsistencies...my EDP chops were not tight enough to nail 
>>most of it...
>Yes, I never felt the lack of speed adaption as strongly as in those 
>dance sessions. We just naturally want to speed up and down.
>But you can change quickly with Record-Multiply, if your loop is 
>simple enough. The resulting rhythm may be temporarily strange, but 
>you fix that quickly.
>>I could see how you could blend some looping in with a lot of live 
>>stuff, but to do it totally with looping would be a trick.
>dont quite understand... is that what I call "to switch the loop off" ? 
>>Maybe there is some software for laptop looping that lets you change 
>>tempos on the fly?
>but you cannot load the loops quickly enough, probably...
>The solution would rather be the Repeater, although I dont know 
>whether the speed adaption would happen as exactly as we would like, 
>since turning on the speed knob is probably not appropriate and retap 
>a new speed woud change too quickly...
>Repeater users: Can you keep taping tempo and it follows smoothly?
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