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Re: adult only loops = ambient?

MaSo said:
>Maybe it's the performer in me, but I've always found most non 
>ambient music, especially music with lyrics, to be very distracting 
>during sex.  I want to be making the soundtrack, I guess.

good point!
So how do you make your soundtrack?
Since you play with your partner anyway, it easy and fun, no?
I found the AKASHAs experience interesting, but what I am really 
interested is to create the right music for home, discretely but 

I think it takes music that involves inconsciously, as ambient does, 
mostly, but with a dynamic that guides...
For me, lyrics are terrible, too. Moaning of someone else as they 
suggest on some "romantic" CDs even worse.
For a long time, I did not put any music either, but recently I 
remembered that the best experiences I had with music.
"Beats of Peace" of mine with David Hoppkins is pretty good.
A few years ago, it made a not totally young woman experience her 
first vaginal orgasm at all! Ok, there were other circumstances, but 
I could feel how the *music* carried us away.
My first reaction was to suggest to David to commercialize the 
product as such. He thought I was crazy. Now I must say, he is right, 
its delicate, it was a singular event, maybe the energy of the music 
rather flew through me to her... a lot more investigation would be 
necessary... so I pretty much forgot about it... until this fool moon 
coincides with the start of spring...


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