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Re: MiniDisc for field recording

>The quality of the codec is much higher now
>and here, in Toronto, it's very easy to get discs.
>More and more of my friends use them too
>so it's easy to exchange discs with our music.
>A good portable DAT is better quality (you
>just have to think about how much room is
>left in the MD for the mic preamp) but the
>MD quality is still very good - and I know
>several people who have made very good
>CDs from master recordings on MD.
>Their size makes them good for spontaneous
>field recordings.
>Scott M2

a portable HD recorder like the Jukebox should have the same quality 
as a DAT, if the converter is sufficiently good (I dont know), and 
its smaller and less sensitive to humidity and such, since the 
mechanics (the HD) is totally sealed. Its pretty small too, although 
not quite as small as an MD.

I think the quality of the MD depends more on the recording level and 
you tend to give a lot of headroom when field recording because the 
volume can change suddenly, so there the uncompressed audio certainly 
is an advantage.

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