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Re: MiniDisc for field recording

Apparently Minidisc is huge in japan, with many makes and models

Here's a some great pages for minidisc....there's even info on hacking the
protection codes if you're so inclined

also look for their holophonic microphones, in ear or on sunglasses, cool 
collecting enviro sounds incognito



"Dennis W. Leas" wrote:

> > I thought the MDs were pretty obsolete at this point..the availability 
> > the medium itself..
> I really love my MD.  I can carry it (and use it) like a little snapshot
> camera.  Although I, too, wonder about the long term availability of MD
> media, I can now buy them at my local Wal-Mart and Meijer, FWIW.  A few
> years ago I had to mail order them.
> - Dennis Leas