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Re: adult only loops = AKASH

In a message dated Sun, 22 Sep 2002 10:23:19 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
catilyne@icicle.net writes:

> Not to nitpick (erm, much), but you forgot the third area:
>          BDSM -
>                  Bondage/Discipline
>                          Dominance/Submission
>                                  Sado-Masochism
> Sorry, but you just happened to omit the one subject that's 
> "nearest & 
> dearest" to many of us.  ;)

You are not nit picking but certainly emphasizing a key component of BDSM.

and it is nice to know there are people on LD who are Sex Positive and 
aware of BDSM realtionships & intimately aware of its finest points.

& it is so noted here as that Sub Play and perspectives are essential to 
any effective power exchange where not only is there an experienced Domme 
but there has to be a Good, experienced and well trained Sub alongwith 
trust established between the 2 parties/perspectives.

& the keys to Domme Sub realtionships working and inspiring both 
individual(s)IMHO is more or less about the quality of the relationship 
established and the presence of an intimacy that usually comes with time & 
always with consideration, imagination & respect.

I kinda alluded to it before, but Loralai is possibly the most brilliant 
Sub I have ever seen who paired with the right domme is absolutely mind 
blowing in where they both can go in terms of power exchange.

Iris Senseless is also a great Sub alongwith The Rev. Johnny Hell & RC 
Horsch being very effective Doms.

But the energy, trust and total immersion in cooperation Loralai exhibits 
is something to witness as her training and experience make her very much 
a stellar and stunning (looks, intuition & libido) sub-slut.

But looping and BDSM go together very well as BDSM rituals/ relationships 
are absolutely perfect for dark ambient to even peaceful & pastoral 
soundscapes as the music has such added power in these BDSM settings & 
especially so where & when the people present have deep and well 
established realtionships already in place IMHO.

Warmest Regards,
John Price/ "AKASH"
"The World's Most Erotic Band"
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"