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Re: MiniDisc for field recording

At 06:53 PM 9/21/2002 -0700, Mark Sottilaro wrote:

>After seeing Matt D's amazing found object set, my wife started talking 
>about using field recordings in her music.  I figure a MD player/recorder 
>would be the way to go, but which one?  What's the best model currently 
>made?  Do they all have mic inputs?  CNET didn't seem to mention this 
>feature on any of them.  A recommendation for a decent stereo mic would 
>useful too.

Pardon me for asking what may seem an obvious question but why Minidisc in 
particular, as opposed to something like portable DAT?

Granted, it's been a looooong time since I seriously looked at MD, but I 
always had the impression that it was natively low-fidelity -- crippled 
sample- or bit-rate (I forget which), and lossy compression that kicks in 
every pass/transfer it touches.  Of course, I'm a bit of a vinyl junkie so 
I even tend to find full16-bit/44.1khz substandard in many cases.  But has 
the Minidisc as a medium improved that much since its inception?


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