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Re: adult only loops = AKASH

I hope this post isnt in HTML as others have been.

>On a related tangent to another post I caught earlier, I actually 
>believe humor is an integral part of sex and also key to selling sex 
>here in America.

interesting point... doesnt the energy of laughter somehow cut any 
tense situation, just as a spark discharges a tension?
So it can be helpfull to overcome some inhibition, but it can also 
cut a growing envolvement?

Laughter is wonderful and its invocation and power should IMHO be used in 
the appropriate situations & always w/ sincerity or to make a good point.

but laughter's true effectiveness is in how u choose to use it as that 
choice/judgement matters most in its application

>and IMHO in terms of guys ability to win chicks over - a sense of 
>humor usually works very well with good listening skills and 
>sometimes supplants looks and money..

>& why not get freaky with Looney Tunes playing as laughter 
>definitely lightens inhibitions more than drugs or alcohol IMHO and 
>allows people to be more honest than ever about their own desires, 
>curiousities if used skillfully and with sincerity.


<here the story, a bit more concrete than necessary... but thank you 
anyway! :-)>

>seeing Loralai of AKASH who was supposed ot be playing guitar that 
>nite, but instead... licking...

couldnt she have continued to play?

LOL - There really was no way possible with what I saw her/Loralai doing 
that she was gonna be able to concentrate on playing the guitar and remain 
composed as she was using both hands to spread her posterior and that 
other woman I mentioned had Loralai's most delicate parts firmly in her 
rubberhanded grasp.

>and all of this while the music is building to a fever pitch... the 
>eye contact is intense ...and we are all pushing our energy higher & 
>and what we feel and see going into each other is what we are all 
>doing toward raising the intensity up a notch from where we receive 

a nice way to say: spiral?

BIG Nod :)

>and the energy is being fed now completely at this point by the 
>music and with each other thru every glance... every repetition of 
>the loop and  specific notes which are highlighting and accentuating 
>the points where we all can get inside the groove way deep in the 

so the movents are synced to the loop, right? Did you set it up 
seeing them or did you imagine them and thus provoke them?

These moments were Imagined & synched freely on their own.

And the moment kinda spoke for the music and the sex play as it all 
informed everyone else more so than any intended sync i tried to impose or 
consciously match up. It all came about on its own and just appeared &/or 
was always meant to be the way it played out

>I then start to do a John Mclaughlin-esque bend slowly @ 1st...
>then more hurriedly ...
>bending the high E string to where I think it will break ( but it 
>doesn't ) ...
>I ascend chromatically up & up and Up and UppppppppppppppppppÅ 

yes, its incredible... this bending is so simple and can make you 
sweat such a lot... its clearly the musical archetype of exitement...
would the pitch knob on a synth do the same thin or does it take the 
force of the hand on the guitar neck and the risk that the string 
does not support...? 

Its a guitar thang IMHO and cant be done on exclusively on a synth as the 
expressiveness IMHO isnt there... though I did have the pat metheney 
sounding guitar synth pad on a gr-30 running underneath the bends...

there was also a point where the synth misfires and the dissonace and 
atonality were kinda cool in this situation.

but the emotional aspects and expressiveness was more or less from my 
fingers and the guitars direct overdriven output and the synth was more of 
an effect.

>and well ...
>LOL I am certain y'all get the picture by now.

hm... nearly... you did not say how the accumulated energy finally 
Did you induce everybodys orgasm simultaneously through the music? How?

I cant say I ever induced orgasm here but everyone "came" in the end ( i 
did emotionally - thats osunds cheesey - i know bu thtis is all true ) and 
we are all very close friends now as the realtionship didnt just end with 
the performance.

But I really think what was special about this particular moment was the 
level of communication intuition, impovisation and comfort which was 
quickly established allowing all of us to reach intimacy ( in my case ) 
without even having physical intercourse or "sexual relations"

& I had never been part of anything like that b4. 

Its actually interesting to provoke the discharge before nature does 
it with the ejaculation because :
- its easier to go on later
- you save a lot of a mess with sperms and decendents and deseases
- the effect is almost as strong and sometimes more interesting, like 
- after doing it for some hours, the desire goes smoothly away

Are you referring to Tantra here? Im not certain. But i wasnt thinking in 
that direction 

AKASH is a catalyst only to a certain point where we dont make judgements 
or decisions for an audience but rather we only bring out what is already 
there inside of them by not really adding anything but by amplifying their 
own energy.

AKASH as a hired act for sex clubs is meant to entice, encourage and tease 
( that is also a contradiction of sorts when i say we only go to a certain 
point when considering what it is we in AKASH are already doing just by 
our image alone. but it is just a certian space which I imagine that I 
dont wish to inhabit for the music as I prefer to let the audience/ 
patrons of these places have that space for their own intentions 
regardless as to our own desires.

& ultimately, that space we dont touch is really there IMHO for us to keep 
track of where we are with the performance and audience as it can be read 
quite easilly IMHO after u enage performacnes such as what we do over time 
where there is a certain pattern that emerges that can tell u real fast 
how well u are doing ).

>But Sex play is no different than playing music...same dymanimcs of 
>group interplay come into play and IMHO the 1st ever energy anywhere 
>was that sexual energy.

oh, thats a heavy simplification!
maybe its the first one that humans (or animals) became aware of.

definitely u nailed it!

>BDSM shows are also a lot of fun too ( and the majority of the shows 
>we play as AKASH are in BDSM clubs or BDSM themed ) and all about 
>psychology and ambience and less animated in most cases ( usually 
>solo guitar or situations where we have installed music in place and 
>also have Loralai, Iris senseles, RC Horsch or The Rev Johnny Hell 
>present to provide Fire, Torture, Ropeplay, Piercing, Candlewax etc 

yeah, but thats just a show, right?
what means BDSM?

BDSM = Bondage Discipline & Sado Masochism.

& for the most part AKASH is more or less a show of make believe and is a 

but with AKASH we never tell anybody which AKASH to like or respond to as 
there are many layers to AKASH just as there are in a loop which is 

both on the surface and way deeper in the mix and subliminally too:there 
are stories within a good loop that are infinite.

that is the beauty of loping fo me..direct placement and views into 
infinite joy and infinite incarnations all at your fingertips with an 
immediacy not foud anywhere else in other mediums as ot is like anyy 
significant journey ot looks inward to see its joy, love and power. 

& really it may surprise many out there that my own sexual tastes are 
nowhere near as adventurous as what AKASH engages or what an AKASH 
audience will be into, ya know?.

>But the main idea for BDSM shows is not to be as obviously there and 
>present as much as we are there to open up imaginations and add to 
>the intense psychological exchanges of power and not get in the 
>middle of activities like we do with Swingers Clubs.

are you saying: make people feel at ease so they end up doing it later?
do they buy your CDs then?
Did you design a CD to have the right sequence of moods for this?

There is no doing "it" later at an AKASH show cuz chances are u are doing 
it while we are there and ideally u are buying our CD's tee shirts and 
misc merchandise afterward. 

But our hired presence at these sex clubs is meant to break the ice and to 
encourage people to be naked, to be open, to be free and to clear 
inhibitions and whatever stresses or distractions folks may have from 
outside influences...kinda like a wacky form of feng shui (spelling?).

We also do sound installations with sounds/noises and music but no Viisual 
representation which is designed for specific BDSM themed rooms ( specific 
BDSM acts...Humiliation, Pain Submission, Ropeplay, Leather, etc ) meant 
to encourage play - again BDSM spanking, pain, peircing, Whips, Chains, 
Flogging, Electric Tens, Ropeplay etc ( & likewise we have sound 
installations for Chill out rooms or less intense sex play rooms for 
people lookinmg to rest or break the ice with each other in Swingers 

The AKASH CD's are meant to be stories and documents of crafted 
performanmces which are adapted into a larger story which has to be told 
and have a lyrical flow, collective reason and a story behind it that has 
a level of intimcay and infinity dripped thruout the entire production.

Songs which are Albumless and or were used as one off sound installations 
are uploaded to mp3.com.

All AKASH music is available for free @ no charge on mp3.com.

>& theres just sooooooooooo many AKASH stories ( the shows are not 
>the wildest affairs - its the after parties ) which are not just 
>from my perspective alone as you name it or if u can imagine it, it 
>is there in the evolving AKASH story
>But looping and sex are the most natural combinations IMHO as that 
>repetition and variations on that in the moment thru improvising and 
>embellishing & being in a state of mind open to all possibilities, 
>based upon listening and hearing others and then playing music that 
>plays you...sex and music are indistinguishable.
How  about you personally? Do you use your recordings for love? Could 
you recommend one specially?

This is the best question anyone has ever asked me about AKASH in 4 years.

I tend to not use AKASH's music in my private lovemaking becasue again my 
own sex life is so normal and typically I just dont listen to my own music 
that often.

Most times for me & my own lovemaking it is always gonna be reggae or 
Peter Gabriel's PAssion that always does the trick

However, AKASH songs that are my faves: Expectation ( most sexy IMHO ), In 
The name of Passion Flowers, Ropeburn, Amniotic Submission, Fwd March 2 
Starlust Moistened Part 7, Karma Flood, Make a Wish, Reunion2 - ( Has my 
Best Melodic Guitar work ) , Buckle Lips, A Lisp In Thy Melancholy 
Heartbeat, Young Lovers Parade ( my best free jazz piano work ), Another 
Scorpions's Sting,  
Warmest Regards,
John Price/ "AKASH"
"The World's Most Erotic Band"
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"