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Re: dancing (adult) loops

Title: Re: dancing (adult) loops
In a message dated 9/21/02 4:23:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time, srice44@yahoo.com writes:
Apparently there is some correlation between people who loop
and improvisational dancers

the music i truely like is that to which i can tap my toes.....i have never danced in my life and im ready to take danz lessons at this point in time.....

no need for dance lessons. I learned it when I got to Brasil. Just let that same energy that makes your toes tap take over the whole body. Every bone may resonate to a different subdivision of the rhythm... it may look strange, but you will feel great!

good good stuff.....it coincides with my thoughts on "looping naked".....matthias, you're right!.....its da moon!!!.....michael


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